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Welcome to Covid Shield Boston!

Covid Shield Boston is the result of what happens when a community comes together to help those in need. When the Coronavirus began to spread throughout our communities early this year, it was evident that something needed to be done. Shortages of PPE for our healthcare workers inspired us to think about how we could be a part of something bigger - how we could make a change, even in the smallest of ways. And thus, Covid Shield Boston was born! 

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With the help of volunteers and donors, we have been able to provide mask donations to so many amazing organizations who give back to our communities in various ways. Our first donation was given to the New York Presbyterian Hospital - one of the hospitals that desperately needed PPE when the pandemic first hit. After that, we began focusing more on our local communities, and have donated to various hospitals and health centers including the East Boston Neighborhood Health Center, the Lowell Community Health Center, St, Joseph Hospital, and more. 

We had no clue that Covid Shield Boston would garner the support that it has - and it’s all because of our amazing online community of friends, donors, and volunteers. Special shout out to all the businesses, donors, and volunteers who have helped us along the way. Whether it be helping us sew masks, or just donating your time to help out with delivering a donation, we’re so happy that you could be a part of our team. By collaborating with other organizations and volunteers, we’re able to proactively dedicate all of our time and effort into producing high quality masks and other needed PPE’s - each mask certainly does make a difference! 

As of now, we’re focusing on donations and making more masks. New mask patterns and styles are always available on the site, and we’re always looking for a new organization to donate to! If you or your organization is in need of a donation, feel free to visit the “donations” tab on our website. And of course, check out our selection of personal use masks while you’re at it! There’s something for everyone and new styles are always being added to our site.

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